Professor Raymond Fonck
Raymond Fonck

Professor Fonck is an experimental physicist with research interests in plasma and fusion science, atomic processes in high-temperature plasmas, and diagnostic instrumentation. His main research focus is on the properties of magnetically confined plasmas for thermonuclear fusion energy applications.



Courses: NE 427: Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory

  Experiments on nuclear instrumentation, counting, and data analysis. He has one three-hour lab and one lecture per week.

Laboratory: Pegasus Toroidal Experiment

 Assistant Professor Oliver Schmitz


Schmitz has collaborated with UW scientist helping them get a better understanding of plasma. He is now developing research in the following topics : Plasma edge physics, plasma surface interaction, 3D plasma boundaries, 3D plasma edge modeling, atomic physics for edge diagnostics,  plasma edge diagnostics




Courses: NE 903 Plasma Edge Physics and Plasma Wall Interactions

Special topic- Plasma Physics

Laboratory: 3D Plasma Edge Physics


 George Mckeemckee_george

Reseacher that assistant from remote location of General Atomic Laboratory. He specializes in studying beam emission spectroscopy (BEM).

Course: N/A

Laboratory: Beam Emission Spectroscopy