The Laboratory for Fusion and Plasma Science is the collaboration of the PEGASUS Toroidal Experiment, Plasma Edge Physics with 3-D Boundaries Lab, Plasma Turbulence, Fluctuation, and High Temperature Diagnostics. The research is conducted under the Department of Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Together the laboratories are advancing a multitude of studies in fusion science and confined plasmas. Research focus is developing efficient fusion energy at high plasma pressure, and studying plasma surface interactions in three dimensional plasma boundaries. The laboratory works with offsite locations at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and General Atomic. These locations primarily focus on Beam Emission Spectroscopy with the National Spherical Torus Experiment.


Midplane View of PEGASUS. Displays the spectral width fluctuations.


Midplane View of PEGASUS. Displays the spectral width fluctuations. This illustrates Lorentz field structure for a given beam energy and field.




Interior view of PEGASUS


The PEGASUS Toroidal Experiment in asn extremely low-aspect-ratio toroidal facility. Focusing of quasispherical high beta plasmas, the experiment’s objective is to minimize the central column while maintaining good confinement and stability.